The House of the Future

A cutting-edge net-zero home build in Toronto.
Opens for bids in Q2. Build complete in Q3.

241 Waterloo Embodies the Most Advanced Tech and Standard of Living

Hi-Tech Features Of 241 Waterloo

  • Structurally engineered House
  • Passive house with R50 walls and R70 roof insulation
  • Green roof
  • Roof can be easily expanded later to have 3rd floor
  • Heated driveway and garage
  • Heated flooring throughout the house
  • Ceiling vented AC
  • Engineered porcelain flooring for maximum Heat absorption
  • South facing windows with balconies on each floor that are also heated
  • In-ground water collection tanks
  • Garage has ample storage due to 11-foot ceiling
  • Electric car outlets x2 in garage
  • Sunk in heated sitting area pit ian backyard
  • Lap pool
  • Smart house-lights, individual room heating control
  • State of the art security system
  • Sprinkler system
  • Walkout basement level with backyard
  • Full outdoor eating and cooking area with sink
  • East and west walls have vertical blinds that change with season to reflect sun or absorb it
  • On-demand electric water heaters
  • Root cellar
  • Front wall design detail acts as the “Brain” of the house that is easily accessible from outside for servicing
  • Lifi technology for internet
  • Concrete polished cement floor
  • Skylights that shine down on glass floor hallway 2nd floor and main floor
  • Biophelic designed staircase with vegetation running from basement to top floor

Planning for Today and Tomorrow

Stunning Kitchen Design

Waterloo’s fixtures and appliances are the latest in style, energy efficiency, and tech:

  • Quality fixtures and hardware
  • Sufficient storage with a hidden pantry
  • Energy efficient IoT-enabled appliances
  • Energy efficient layered lighting
  • High-end durable flooring
  • Strong and stylish counters
  • Attractive, easy-care Backsplash

Elegant Bathrooms

Experience the true meaning of innovation with GROHE’s extensive line of impeccably engineered bathroom faucets. GROHE offers industry-leading technology providing bathroom sink faucets, shower faucets, and tub faucets for an idealistic aesthetic in the bathroom. GROHE brings an elegant sense of style to the bathroom.
This sleek and modern wall hung water closet offers an elongated bowl and skirted design, along with our powerful Dual-Max flushing system. This wall hung model saves valuable space and allows floor heating to be consistent throughout your bathroom.

Inviting Master Bedroom

A good night’s sleep is important for staying healthy and having a good disposition in the morning and there are many factors which can ensure that. One of the most notable ones is the living environment and all related elements including the interior design and decor. In that sense, the master bedroom stands at the very core of every home. Large windows form a very cozy sitting area while also allowing natural light to enter the master bedroom. A fusion of styles and influences gives this bedroom a comforting vibe. The oversized headboard is the main focal point of its decor, setting the tone for a color palette based on earth tones.


  • On Suite Bathroom
  • Hydro Fireplace
  • Walk-In Closet
  • Built In Vanity
  • Walk Out Deck With Curtain Wall Windows

Live the Dream While Saving the Environment and Resources

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