The House of the Future

A cutting-edge net-zero home build in Toronto.
Opens for bids in Q2. Build complete in Q3.

Innovating in Sustainable Home Materials, Design, and Construction

About Daylun

Years before the ‘green design’ trend caught on, Daylun envisioned the world transitioning toward a more secure and sustainable future. This insight informed Daylun’s commitment to building quality, energy-efficient, and long-lasting homes. Currently in the manufacturing phase, 241 Waterloo, Daylun’s flagship home build in Toronto, will be the first of this kind of structure to be built on-site in as little as 14 days.

Daylun is dedicated to developing new sustainable building materials. The company has applied for patents on two inventions and is working on applications for several more. This intellectual property is incorporated in the company’s building and construction work. Daylun has done pioneering R&D in products such as:

  • Construction-grade vegetable-based adhesive which reduces human and environmental toxicity;
  • Concrete board made of EVA that is stronger and lighter than drywall;
  • Solar heated outside cladding which is a cost-effective passive heat gain system;
  • Light gauge snap-together steel framing system.

The founding project is a market disrupting and trailblazing concept in the passive net-zero home construction industry. No other company or competitor has put so many innovative features into one build, with sustainability and technology at the forefront. To make the build possible, Daylun’s objective is to partner with sustainable product manufacturers that are leaders in their fields — from solar panels to energy efficient, IoT-enabled appliances. 241 Waterloo will be the benchmark for the home of the future.

The Daylun Team

Our team consists of diverse professionals and experts in their fields

Arthur Zankowicz – CEO

Jean Jasosic – Structural Engineer

Mrigesh Roy – Mechanical Engineer

Marie-Eve Bousquet – Interior Design

Dr Beck Lee – Scientist for Chemistry of Foams and Bioproduct

Ivan Patrick – Renewable Engineer

Leonila Rudenko – Arhitect

Serge Kirchenko – Arhitect

Helen Meng – Steel Structure Engineer

Gavin Xing – Engineer Windows

About The Designer

About Arthur Zankowicz

CEO and Founder, Daylun

Arthur is a sustainable design entrepreneur who’s dedicated over 25 years to innovating environmentally friendly strategies and creative design solutions for the sport, fashion, film, and building industries. His portfolio of businesses, vast experience, and groundbreaking new methods and technologies have made him one of the first to market across multiple industries and countries.

Arthur’s entrepreneurial career started in Toronto, Canada, with the 1989 launch of a company in the sporting goods sector called Pain. It offered a beach volleyball line and, later, fightwear for combat arts. Arthur ran the business until 1994. Between 1996 and 2002, Arthur was the art director for more than 300 commercials internationally. His work, which often included production design, appeared in spots for brands like IKEA Germany, Sony, and Subaru Japan. During his time helping produce commercials, Arthur demonstrated ingenuity in the fast-paced film and advertising industries, delivering creative solutions for global brands such as Budweiser.

In 2002, Arthur launched another sporting goods company, Moreno. The company produced uniforms, apparel, footwear, and other gear. Moreno was among those doing pioneering work in these product areas, and its innovations are now considered established standards in the sporting goods market and manufacturing. It also successfully introduced to the U.S. market over 140 products from Asia.

Moreno’s offerings were sold in 40 retail stores and were used by more than 100 amateur sports clubs and various colleges and universities, including the University of Toronto. The business, which had more than 200 employees around the world, was sold in April 2009. Following this, Arthur relocated to China, where he spent 10 years researching and developing new concepts and products while working with some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

In May 2016, he launched 50 Unlimited Co. Technologies, or 50ul, to develop and license inventions for improving sportswear and making it more eco-friendly. The company’s creations include micro egg technology, which provides a resilient and responsive ride for sports shoes, and a vegetable-based glue for cementing shoes that is durable and reduces environmental impact. Arthur has applied for three patents for 50ul inventions. His expertise in developing technology products and building creative, sustainable, and pragmatic solutions — as well as his strong knowledge and network of manufacturers and experts — is unrivaled.

Arthur subsequently launched Daylun in 2021 to leverage his insight and experience. The company is set to become a market-changing leader in the passive home industry with an array of proprietary green building materials and technologies. With Arthur at the helm, Daylun has all of the trailblazing qualities of a leading disruptor, combining sustainability and technology to deliver passive net-zero homes with greater efficiency and speed.

Daylun is positioned to establish new benchmarks in innovation, excellence, design, and standards for the future of new home builds.

Arthur has spent many years living and working around the world and speaks English, Polish, French, and basic Mandarin. He is now based in Canada and proud to launch Daylun and his Canadian flagship sustainable home in Toronto: 241 Waterloo.